Construction Law and Litigation

Construction Law Attorney in Naples, FL

Unless you have experience and in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, it can be difficult to run a successful contracting firm. Similarly, construction law requires detailed knowledge of construction law and other closely related fields that can affect any litigation. For that reason, you should consider working with a professional construction attorney in Naples. Only a Naples construction lawyer understands the complexities of the legal agreements for regional construction jobs and the challenges that come with resolving disputes.

There are several ways in which you can utilize the services of an attorney. For one, a seasoned construction lawyer can provide recommendations as to how you can avoid disputes with clients and suppliers. They can also craft a contract that covers all of your bases and ensures that you are prepared for any potential problems. Additionally, your attorney can field any contractual disputes that arise. They may be able to get you a fair settlement or negotiate a good deal.

The greater the number of vendors and sub-contractors you work with, the more likely it is that you will need an attorney. Here at the Law Offices of Neil Morales, we can assist you. Our firm is waiting to handle your construction law needs. We recognize the importance of maintaining excellent relationships with your clients and suppliers. If we can help you avoid a legal confrontation while exercising your rights, we will.

What a Construction Law and Litigation Attorney in Naples, Florida Does?

An attorney may be able to assist your business more than you realize. Here some of the services a construction attorney can provide for you:

Draft Contracts

Almost every relationship in the construction industry requires some type of contract. A poorly drafted contract could lead to supply interruptions, missed deadlines, and substandard workmanship. Without a contract, you risk disputes with your creditors, debtors, suppliers, and clients.

Your attorney can draft contracts that cover all of your bases. By doing so, they can save you money on expensive conflicts and litigation issues.

Resolving Disputes

If you do end up in the middle of a dispute, your attorney can assist you in negotiations. For instance, a lawyer can take action against subcontractors who may have used defective or substandard materials. They can also file claims made against you regarding construction defects or a breach of warranty. Most disputes arise over the misinterpretation of a contract. Your attorney can help you avoid them.

Deal with Insurance Companies

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in construction idling with the insurance companies. Fortunately, you may not need to handle them on your own. An attorney can help you negotiate with insurance companies and their adjustors.

Get Help with Compliance and Licensing Requirements

No matter how much experience you may have in the construction industry, you could find yourself challenged by meeting Collier County’s compliance and licensing requirements. But an attorney can simplify the process and ensure you don’t miss any requirements.

Protect Your Reputation

You could argue that your company’s reputation is your biggest asset. If you find yourself in the midst of a dispute, your reputation is at risk. However, there are ways in which you can pursue your claim and defend your reputation at the same time. With the guidance of a lawyer, you can escape your dispute with your reputation intact.

Phases of Construction Litigation

There are several phases of construction litigation. By understanding those phases, you can prepare yourself for a legal dispute.

Determining the Validity

In the first phase of litigation, case investigators determine the validity of a lawsuit. They look at the evidence and decide whether or not the situation warrants litigation. If there’s not enough evidence or the case can’t stand on its own merits, a lawsuit may not be your best course of action.

Initiating the Lawsuit

If you are filing a suit against someone, an attorney will draft a summons and complaint. But if you are defending yourself against a lawsuit, your attorney will respond to the complaint and investigate the situation.


Discovery is the third phase of the litigation process. During discovery, each side gathers information in support of their argument.


At this point, you may be able to achieve a settlement. Both parties can meet and discuss the possibility of a deal. Often, this involves negotiating.


Most civil cases end outside of the courtroom. But this isn’t always the case. If you must go to court, your attorney will prepare for the trial.


Your lawyer will represent you in court. During your trial, your attorney will stand up for you. They will use all of the evidence they collected, as well as their legal training and experience, to seek the best possible outcome.


If things don’t go your way during the initial suit, you can file an appeal. The process can be complex and takes time, but your attorney can walk you through it.

Working with Our Firm

The construction industry in Naples is growing. In fact, the Southwest Florida construction industry has had a 52% rise in employees since 2013. The rise in tourism and the growing population has helped the industry bounce back from the recession that happened years ago.

With so much new building going on, construction attorneys are more needed than ever. Protect your business and contact the Law Offices of Neil Morales. Find out what we can do for you.

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