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Alimony is the process in which a spouse or former spouse assists the other spouse financially either during and/or following divorce proceedings. The Law Offices of Neil Morales have represented clients in alimony proceedings for over 20 years with a proven track record of getting our clients the appropriate terms for their alimony conditions. Attorney Neil Morales, Esq. and his team have extensive experience in this legal arena which consistently allows us to deliver best-case-scenario outcomes to our satisfied clients.

Do I Qualify for Alimony?

Florida upholds stringent requirements regarding the eligibility of an applicant for alimony payments. A judge will determine whether the requesting spouse meets the stipulated requirements and is thus entitled to receive alimony payments from their former spouse. If the courts and the judge declare that the applicant is eligible to receive financial support, the courts then determine the sum and duration of the award to be provided.

Some elements considered when determining one’s alimony eligibility include:

  • Age
  • Level of Education
  • Earning Capacity
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Health
  • Former Spouse's Earning Capacity
  • Length of Marriage and Marital Living Conditions
  • Custody of a Child with Special Needs

Types of Alimony in Florida:

The Florida law comprises a system that categorizes five unique types of Alimony. Each case is determined on an individual basis, with multiple factors weighed when determining what form of Alimony will result in a case. Listed below are the five categories of Alimony:

  • Bridge-The-Gap Alimony: granted on a short-term basis after a divorce is finalized, with a maximum time of up to two years. This is only allotted to spouses who have legitimate short term needs like finishing an educational program for work purposes or waiting for a house to be sold.
  • Durational Alimony: granted if a spouse needs support other than what the other types of Alimony allow. The Alimony period is equal to the duration of the marriage.
  • Temporary Alimony: granted while a divorce is pending, one spouse financially supports the other until the divorce becomes final.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony: granted to spouses who need regulated education or training to begin employment. A plan must be submitted to show how much money and time is required to finish training.

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Our family legal firm has successfully resolved countless alimony disputes. We know that divorce and negotiating alimony settlements has the potential to leave a person in a vulnerable position, and we make it our business to alleviate the stress of these proceedings by fighting for the outcomes that our clients are entitled to. Neil Morales’ ability to direct his clients—as well as opposing parties—in a decisively firm manner has proven to be a winning approach when it comes to closing out such disputes.

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