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The Law Offices of Neil Morales have counseled families through some of their hardest times during the course of his 15-year career. We have seen it all when it comes to familial disputes at our family law practice—as we specialize particularly in divorce proceedings. Neil has learned to adapt to each of his clients’ individual needs during his tenure as a respected family law attorney. Mr. Morales is a prestigious lawyer known for the favorable results that he brings to his clients; you will not find a more suitable legal counselor in the Naples and Marco Island areas to handle your case.

How do I file for legal separation in Florida?

Fortunately for the residents of Florida, legal separation is recognized by the courts. This means that an actual divorce is not necessary to separate from one’s spouse. However, resorting to this course of action has led many couples to reach a separation agreement. The proceedings that follow this can be tedious for both parties. For this reason, the majority of people reluctantly turn to the option of filing for divorce. Being that it is an easier and more straightforward process, those who wish to file for divorce need a divorce attorney who can represent their needs throughout the process. Neil understands the intricacies of obtaining a divorce and can provide you with superior legal guidance.

What are the Steps to Filing for a Divorce?

Filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is the first step in securing a divorce in Florida. There are two documents that can be submitted, the first is known as an “Original Petition for Divorce” and the other is a Simplified Dissolution. However, when it comes to a Simplified Dissolution, the only couples who qualify for this petition are couples:

  • Who have no dependent children
  • Who are not actively pursuing any form of alimony
  • Which neither partner have any ongoing bankruptcy cases
  • Who have reached an agreement that both partners want to end their marriage
  • With no properties owned by either partner or retirement benefits waiting to be divided

No matter what form of action you decide to take, the tasks involved with filing a petition involve copious amounts of paperwork. The Law Offices of Neil Morales will account for the proper and timely filing of all required documents while making the process as smooth as possible for our clients. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in the areas of Naples or Marco Island, Neil Morales, Family Law Attorney will work diligently to reach the terms on your divorce that you deem adequate.

Who is the best divorce attorney in Naples or Marco Island?

If you are in need of a divorce lawyer, the law Offices of Neil Morales will represent the . If you do not reside in Naples or Marco Island, do not worry. We service clients from all of the following cities:

  • Naples, FL
  • Marco Island, FL
  • Bonita Springs, FL
  • Collier County, FL
  • Ft. Myers, FL
  • Lee County, FL
  • Cape Coral, FL
  • Golden Gate, FL
  • Lehigh Acres, FL

How do I find a trustworthy Divorce Attorney around Naples?

If you are in need of a divorce Lawyer near Marco Island or Naples, do not hesitate to call The law Offices of Neil Morales. Mr. Morales will give you the time you required and the care you deserve. No matter the level of difficulty or problem you face with your case, Neil will support you throughout the entire proceedings. Do not waste any time on your pressing matter, give us a call and let’s begin resolving your concerns.

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