Florida Divorce Laws in Naples and Marco Island, FL

Divorce will always be a word that makes one cringe. You don’t like the idea that your best friend is struggling through their divorce. You can’t help but consider if their are children involved and how they could be taking it. Maybe you have been in a similar situation but you and your spouse had decided that divorce wasn’t the best options. If you or someone you know has questions about divorce, the most important route to your answers is to consider your state's legal limits.

Protecting your Family - Getting a Divorce Attorney in Naples and Marco Island

In Florida, a couple who is looking to divorce should be aware that they need to reside in the state of Florida for at least 6 months before even the act of filing takes place. After allotted time has passed, the petitioner can file a Dissolution of Marriage in their own county and the Respondent must be notified of the petition. Florida does provide a simplified dissolution if all requirements from both spouses are met.

These requirements include, but are not limited to the following: both parties be in an agreement on debt and finances, both are willing to give up right to trial and appeal, both are willing to go to clerk's office sign petition and attend final hearing.  In the state of Florida, only two grounds for divorce exist, broken or irretrievable marriage and the mental incapacity of spouse (incapacitated for three prior to divorce). When children are involved and a dissolution of marriage takes place, the court may order the interference of a phychitrist, priest, marriage counsellor, or other others for the parents to seek consultation should need be.

The court is also in control of the proceedings on the divorce for any length of time and can take other action to ensure the children’s lives aren’t in danger with either parent. Children are more sensitive that you think. They may not speak it in words that an adult can understand, but they know what they’re feeling. When it comes to property division, the court will make decisions based on the children's needs, for example, if the child is in close proximity to school, mother is a homemaker, etc.

When you are ready to make this life-changing decision, talk to an experienced lawyer that is knowledgeable in family law. They can help you through the struggles that your child may be facing, answer you questions, and get you on the right track.

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