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Determining Paternity in any legal case is a delicate matter if you are not aware of the different aspects of the process. Identifying the biological father of a child does not prove to be a difficult task, however, determining the legal father of a child can be more complex than it seems. A legal father is easily identified through marriage or adoption but if the alleged father and the biological mother of the child are unmarried--or the alleged father has not adopted the child--only a court ruling can declare the legal father. With the Law Offices of Neil Morales, you will find the support and guidance you need as you approach your paternity case.

As a family law attorney that specializes in paternity-related matters, Neil Morales, Esq. has a demonstrable track record in resolving intricate legal matters. Whether you are located in Naples, Marco Island, or a surrounding area, the Law offices of Neil Morales will represent you and your family’s with the utmost integrity and discretion.

How Can I file for a Paternity Suit?

The Following persons/bodies can file for a “Petition to Establish Paternity:”

  • The State
  • Mother of Child
  • Alleged Father of Child
  • Legal representative assigned to act on behalf of the child

Paternity is normally determined during a divorce, child support, or child custody case. However outside of such proceedings, others can determine paternity to establish any financial distributions and sharing responsibilities between parents. A judge will order a DNA test once a paternity request is filed, which is done in order to determine who is the biological father.

Why Should I File for Paternity?

Listed below are a few of the benefits to filing for Paternity:

  • The father gains legal right to the child, allowing him to be more present in his child’s life.
  • The mother is allowed to share the costs and responsibilities of raising her child with the father.
  • The child is entitled to inheritance, veteran’s benefits and social security, as well as life and medical insurance.

Who is the best paternity lawyer in Naples and Marco Island?

Family lawyer Neil Morales and his team specialize in paternity suits and cater to Naples, Marco Island, and the following surrounding areas:

  • Naples, FL
  • Marco Island, FL
  • Bonita Springs, FL
  • Collier County, FL
  • Ft. Myers, FL
  • Lee County, FL
  • Cape Coral, FL
  • Golden Gate, FL
  • Lehigh Acres, FL

The Law Offices of Neil Morales are ready to support you, regardless of the current status of your Florida paternity suit. We will treat you with respect and care while dealing with your family law case. Throughout our 15 years of practice, Mr. Morales knows the emotional strain and tension that can surface as families endure legals strains. If you wish to resolve your case with the best outcome, then you need Neil Morales, esq. defending your paternity rights.

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